How is the automotive industry preparing for the future?

By Isadora In Artigo Autaza, Automação Industrial, Industria 4.0 — November 29, 2019



Technology is influencing ALL markets and would be no different with the automotive industry. This month, for example, Tesla launched a very futuristic electric pickup truck - called "Cybertruck", the vehicle is made of ultra-resistant stainless steel and unique design. In a market where the top sales of pickup trucks is the same year after years and competitors design cars very close to each other, the only way to try to cross the barrier was by doing something that didn't exist yet.

The company risked high to break the boundaries of a completely dominated market. The goal is to combine in one vehicle strength and speed, with versions of one, two or three electric motors. Despite all the controversy and the thousands of memes satirizing some flaws on the launch day, the company already has so far 146,000 orders. It is clear that consumer WANTS INNOVATION!

Several renowned companies are attentive to new business possibilities. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles held a press conference this year and revealed concern about making cars more than means of transportation. There is a budget of nine billion euros, to be used in all branded plants by 2022, to research and implementation of technologies that reduce the environmental impacts related to their products. Last month, Fiat Chrysler also announced that a merger negotiating is going on with the French company Peugeot with the aim of "creating a group that is among the leaders of mobility". The new company would be the fourth largest in the world automotive sector.

In addition to changes that are happening rapidly within industries, a new economy is drawing ever more attention: the sharing economy. A Brazilian startup of shared cars, for example, which began operating in 2017 and ended last year with 67 vehicles, and just over 5,000 trips in total. By the end of this year, the company will have a fleet of more than 600 cars and already makes, on average, 7 thousand trips each month, for now operating only in the city of São Paulo. 

According to a study by the Insights AutoTech League, the AutoTechs landscape - startups that act directly or indirectly with the development and services related to automotive technologies, the Logistics and Mobility areas have attracted the most attention and attracted the most attention from venture capital funds in Brazil - as well as corporate investments such as Movile, Qualcomm Ventures and InovaBra (Bradesco Bank). Big companies in the industry are also engaging with startups: Mercedes-Benz, Eaton, Ticket Log, Sascar, and Webmotors have teamed up with Ventures League to accelerate startups on the AutoTech League program.

Major corporations know more than ever that it is necessary to innovate faster and faster to survive in an increasingly competitive, technological and intelligent market. The market players are betting high and revolutionizing the traditional market next to the startups. And you, what do you think of all this movement?

Beatriz Bevilaqua, journalist and passionate about technology!