How artificial intelligence is revolutionizing our lives

By João Lopes In Artigo Autaza, Automação Industrial, Industria 4.0 — October 15, 2019



Technology is part of the evolutionary process of humanity. Since cave times we have been looking for ways to enhance new tools and make our lives much more practical. This techno-human combination, which in the past was with sticks and stone chips, culminates today with digital technologies. We are unsettling beings and have challenged ourselves over the millennia to get to where we have come: in the most advanced world of computer intelligence and storage algorithms.

Algorithms are a logical, finite, defined sequence of instructions that must be followed to solve a problem or perform a task. Today they are practically anywhere, from chess master computers to standalone vehicles - no need for a human driver. These machines process a large amount of information and recognize patterns in this data. Until recently this would be unimaginable and would only be in science fiction books or movies.

Today everything is focused on data. The simple act of surfing the web searching for keywords on Google or shopping online, for example, puts us in touch with an intelligent system that analyzes our search data, purchase profile and online behavior. The market is changing fast and companies that know how to use it to their advantage will start right ahead. Amazon, the US e-commerce company, has become one of the most valuable companies in the world. It started as a startup 25 years ago and reached a market capitalization of USD 797 billion this year.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Market Opportunities

Digital transformation began first based on consumers and then impacted the entire industry. A recent Washington University study provides an apocalyptic picture that 40% of the top 500 US companies will cease to exist in the next 10 years. It is clear that accommodating companies will fail, giving room for innovation-aligned start-ups to gain space in the market.

Industry 4.0 or Fourth Industrial Revolution is an expression that encompasses intelligent, connected, automated factories. In this process that uses large volumes of data to make decisions, without the need for human intervention, we generate faster production chain and economic growth. Experts say this new scenario could free up USD15 trillion in revenue over the next 15 years. Embracing innovation seems the only way to survive in the very competitive global market.

We at Autaza always seek for opportunities to develop and create new products. We knew from the outset that most automakers did not have an automatic quality control system and needed customized solutions. This is where the idea for developing quality inspection solutions in industry 4.0 came up through proprietary and patented technologies involving computer vision and artificial intelligence.

One of our products, Autaza Hybrid, for example, is a full optical system 3D scanner designed for inspection and quality control in a variety of industries. The equipment is comprised of a state-of-the-art head for high-precision inspected part reconstruction and intelligent software for intelligent quality reporting. The scanner recreates the 3D surface in the virtual environment of the computer.

The solution increases production efficiency because the inspector does not have to waste time looking for defects. All defects will be found, always with the same criteria, avoiding waste and rework by wrong inspections. By being able to interpret defects that will only be evident after the part is painted, Autaza Hybrid anticipates defect correction before it becomes critical.

Today, in the age of exponential and technological acceleration, the future is unknown. In this context, power in the world has passed to those (individuals and organizations) who have the ability to constantly do something new in unprecedented situations to solve problems and create opportunities never seen. With this, according to author Martha Gabriel, in the book “Você, eu e os robôs”, “You, Me and the Robots”, we enter a new era of human history, governed by a world logic grounded in creativity, flexibility, ephemerality, and resilience - the Innovation Era.

For Autaza: Beatriz Bevilaqua, journalist and passionate about technology.