Autaza Aero

Autaza Aero is an aircraft inspection system using drones designed to operate under pilot control or automatically according to the flight plan that was created in the simulation environment, inspecting visual defects and identifying features. The acquired images are processed using artificial intelligence. Inspection results will be available for the review of human inspectors that can mark any other defect.

Defects identified
  • Lightning Strike
  • Features identification
  • Dents
Equipment and software

The Autaza Aero consists of a Drone with advanced technology camera for inspected Airplanes with high precision and intelligent software for intelligent quality reporting. The software performs two steps during the inspection: it captures images, and interprets the captured images using artificial intelligence designed to perform the analysis based on the highest quality standards of each client.


In order to guarantee the airworthiness of aircrafts that are suspect to sustain the structural damage, it is necessary in the first place to visually inspect the aircraft. In many cases, the visual inspection of external areas is performed in regions with restrict access, so that the inspectors are required to use aircraft maintenance access stands and docking systems. For these latter the assessment tends to be expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, in order to reduce Aircraft on Ground (AOG) expenses, Autaza developed a drone inspection system which comprises hardware and software for automatic flight and visual defect detection.

Objective inspection

The evaluation follows a unique and intelligent mathematical standard

Savings generated

Savings by reducing aircraft time on the ground

Efficiency gain

Suitable for aircraft maintenance inspection

Inspection with drone

Suitable for aircraft maintenance inspection

Other Services

  • Autaza Paint

    O Autaza Paint é um sistema óptico de inspeção de qualidade de pintura, para uso no controle de qualidade em diversas indústrias. É capaz de identificar defeitos de aparência em

  • Autaza Glass

    O Autaza Glass foi desenvolvido para realizar a inspeção automática de qualidade de vidros, assegurando a aprovação rápida e confiável de produtos. É capaz de identificar defeitos em linha de