Autaza Glass

Autaza Glass

Autaza Glass was developed to perform the automatic quantitative and objective inspection of glass quality, ensuring quick and reliable approval of products. It is capable of identifying defects in production line or in inspection room.

Defects identified
  • Optical distortion
  • Solid inclusion
  • Reflection distortion
Equipment and software

The Autaza Glass consists of a head with advanced technology camera for inspected glass with high precision and intelligent software for intelligent quality reporting. The software performs two steps during the inspection: it captures images, and interprets the captured images using artificial intelligence designed to perform the analysis based on the highest quality standards of each client.

The Autaza Glass can be mounted on
  • Industrial robot
  • Collaborative robot
  • Customized Mechanical Structure
  • Tripod

Autaza Glass increases production efficiency because the inspector doesn't have to spend time looking for defects. All defects will be found, always with the same criteria, avoiding waste by non-standard inspections. The system can be customized, according to the customer's quality criteria, by defining which actions must be taken in the productive system when a defect is found.

Objective inspection

The evaluation follows a unique and intelligent mathematical standard

Savings generated

Savings by reducing rework and eliminating waste

Efficiency gain

Suitable for aircraft maintenance inspection

Uso em linha

Suitable for inline inspection using industrial robot.

Available material

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