Autaza Paint

Autaza Paint is an optical quality inspection system for painting, to be used in quality control in various industries. It is able to identify appearance defects in plastic, metal and various composite materials.

Defects identified

  • 1 - Bubbles
  • 2 - Dirt
  • 3 - Scratches
  • 4 - Roughness (orange peel)

Equipment and software

The Autaza Paint is composed of a head with advanced technology for controlled light projection inspection and intelligent software for creating quality reports. The hardware uses special lighting, which is reflected in the product inspected and captured by an optical system. The software interprets the captured images using computer vision and artificial intelligence.

The software and hardware system is developed by Autaza, through an integrated engineering project. The objective is not only to offer measurements, but also to recommend to the factory what needs to be corrected and the location of the defects.

The Autaza Paint can be mounted on

  • Industrial robot
  • Collaborative robot
  • Tripod


Autaza Paint increases production efficiency because the repairer does not need to waste time looking for defects. All defects will be found, always with the same criteria, avoiding losses and rework by non-standard inspections. The system can be customized, according to the customer's quality criteria, even defining which actions must be taken in the productive system when a defect is found.

  • Inspection

    The evaluation follows a unique and intelligent mathematical standard.

  • Savings

    Savings by reducing rework and eliminating waste.

  • Increased

    Increased efficiency and reduced inspection time.

  • Inline

    Suitable for inline inspection using industrial robot.


Watch Autaza Paint in operation

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