São José dos Campos, the city of technology

By Autaza In Startse — April 23, 2019



Much is said about technology companies in cities such as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba and Belo Horizonte, but there are other promising centers outside major cities in Brazil. According to research by Endeavor, São José dos Campos is the Brazilian most innovative city. Strategically located on the Rio - São Paulo axis and close to most of Brazil's industrial production, the city reinvents itself every day.

São José dos Campos has state-of-the-art educational and research institutions (such as ITA, Unifesp and Unesp), large companies (such as Embraer, GM, Johnson) and differentiated technological infrastructure. In addition, São José is home of a large number of innovative emerging companies such as Autaza, Back4App, Guichê Virtual, Justto, Quero Educação, SoluCX, among others. Another example is the São José dos Campos Technological Park, which is the largest entrepreneurship and innovation complex in Brazil.

Autaza emerged in São José dos Campos, from a 3-year research project between university (Aeronautics Institute of Technology, ITA) and automotive industry (General Motors, GM). Recognizing the innovation potential of the prototypes developed in this project, its three executing members, Jorge, Enivaldo and Renan, formed Autaza in 2016, with GM as its first customer and found in São José dos Campos Technology Park the location for the development and growth of its business activities.

Unlike a common office building that only allows offices to be set up, the Technological Park has industry-like facilities (high ceilings, ease of access, possibility of installing high-voltage power outlets), which allow startup companies focused in manufacturing industry that develop and test their equipment, such as Autaza. The company started its career in the Nexus incubator and later moved to the Business Center.

The Technological Park, in addition to be the appropriate site for the activities of technology-based companies, is a hub for attracting customers and partners, a regional reference in the organization of events, location of high-tech companies and surrounded by universities, where several of the resident companies' employees studied.

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