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Unlimited Innovation: Autaza Leading the Revolution with Vision AI Flexibility

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We offer innovative, state-of-the-art inspection and monitoring solutions using our powerful Vision AI software .

Multiple AI technologies designed to deliver unprecedented results in a user-friendly and quickly deployable interface.

We guarantee the quality, compliance and safety of your product or process fully automatically through Vision and AI.

Intelligent Systems

Our software operates on a processing unit connected to cameras and lighting integrated into fixed systems, robots, and drones. It can be applied across thousands of processes and products in diverse conditions and environments, adapting flexibly to various requirements and usage scenarios


Compatible with over 30,000 different applications

Swift Implementation

Quick Installation and System Startup


Automation and Integration Compatibility

Robotic Systems

Autaza robotic systems are designed to provide accurate and efficient inspection on automated production lines.

Due to its dynamics, it often eliminates the excessive use of cameras, carrying out trajectories and movements, reducing associated costs and inspection time.

They are highly adaptable and integrable to a variety of industrial processes, increasing quality with applications in:

- Painted Surfaces and E-Coat

- Printed Surfaces (Steel Plates)

- Gap & Flush Measurement

- Presence/Absence of Components

- Defects in Automotive Engines

- Robotic application monitoring

- Color Matching Assessment

Conceito de braço robótico

Smart Cameras

Our fixed camera solutions combine Vision AI inspection software with robust hardware. Integrating advanced image processing technologies and artificial intelligence algorithms, they perform thousands of real-time inspections.

The system outperforms existing market solutions with superior speed, low maintenance, and processing capabilities, operating reliably in diverse conditions and environments. It adapts flexibly to various requirements and usage scenarios.

Capable of programming different quality criteria and adjusting parameters as needed, our solution is applied in inspections and monitoring for:

  • PPE Checks

  • Presence/Absence Verification

  • OCR (Character Reading)

  • Item Counting

  • Process Monitoring

  • Restricted Area Control

  • Conformity Assessment

  • PIN/VIN Number Verification

  • Surface Inspection

  • Breakage/Impurity Detection



Drones represent a significant innovation in quality inspection, particularly in hard-to-access areas, leveraging Autaza's 100% automatic flight technology.

Autaza drone systems incorporate advanced onboard technology for image capture and data processing, enabling swift and precise inspection of aircraft, metallic structures, containment facilities, and area monitoring.

Capable of performing 3D mapping and automatic defect identification, our drones provide a secure and efficient inspection solution for both indoor and outdoor environments. Our applications include:

  • Aircraft Inspection

  • Communication Tower Inspection

  • Roof Maintenance Checks

  • Object Control in Large Areas

  • Panoramic Flights and Technical Photography


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